How high is it suitable for schoolchildren?

We recently completed a family house. For a couple of years we have been reluctant to speak with our husband, buying only the most necessary for ourselves. We tried to ensure the children always the necessary standard. They have a computer, several years internet, wheels and decent sports equipment, new clothes. I’m no different from other classmates.

His husband was injured two months ago and is still in a state of incapacity. This unexpected situation quite hit our family budget. He has been receiving benefits for the second month, and so we all have to be stunned, including children.

While the older fourteen-year-old son is more understanding and has no unnecessary financial demands, the younger twelve-year-old is the opposite. Every week I give them a hundred-ton pocket money. I would like to point out that snacks and lunches are secured, as well as transport and any expenses related to the school. There are hundreds of them for their needs and it is up to them to handle them. The elder son does not spend much money, he can also save on this sum. However, it seems little to the younger. He looks like a poor man in front of others, and when he goes to the “skittle” once a week, he’ll be gone for the rest of the week. We are trying to explain to our husband that we have to deal with the situation in which we are at the same time jointly.

Some days it seems that the problem is understood, but the next day everything is different. Occasionally the boys get a crown and grandmother, letting them deal with them. Younger but not enough. I’m beginning to be desperate, even sometimes wondered if it was necessary to build a house. But we did not have any other possibility of living. I do not know what to do, we will repay the mortgage for a few more years. Of course, the husband’s incompetence is temporary, when he recovers, many will be resolved. I’m just worried about a younger son. I found out that friends and classmates whose parents do not have financial problems like us and for which hundreds are not money. I’m afraid that the son, in an effort to cope with them, will not start to get money illegally. I have tried to get some brigade, but unfortunately without success. I need to advise on the issue of pocket money in other families. Whether the hundredth for a week is enough, or is it really, as my son says, a ridiculous amount?