Less traditional but healthy plants in our flowerpot

Even when it is cold, the growing season does not end, just moving behind the windows and covered terraces. Even in flower pots, we can grow a number of interesting plants that also provide us with their healing properties. See how home plants help us improve immunity in the winter.

Pentyl ginseng

On the Asian continent, this plant is considered an elixir of youth, which also promotes vitality. It belongs to the group of adaptogens. These are plants that help increase body resistance from stress that damages our immunity. It supports the immune system and mental and physical condition, helps lower blood cholesterol and sugar, promotes regeneration of the liver and kidneys and balances the digestive system.


use fresh and dried leaves – 1 to 2 teaspoons to pour a cup of boiling water and leave the keys for 10-15 minutes.

We use 2-3 times a day for 3-4 weeks. Then it is a weekly pause.

This herb can also be combined with other types – mint, green tea.

Fresh shoots can also be used in small quantities in salads.

Gotu kola

This plant is in its homeland – in Asia, considered to be an elixir of youth, but also an aphrodisiac. Ayurvedic medicine is also used for medical purposes. It promotes the return of physical and mental forces, soothes inflammation, promotes blood circulation, acts as a prevention of cholesterol deposition in blood vessels, can promote the formation of collagen, which also positively affects the joints. It supports mental abilities – memory and concentration. The infusion can be used to clean the skin or regenerative tiles – it accelerates skin healing, abrasions and burns.

Use – as well as five times ginseng.

Lemon grass – lemon

This is exceptional due to its refreshing scent. Oriental cuisine uses pulp leaf base as a delicious vegetable.

In his homeland – in India, it is used as a remedy against fever. It also has a positive effect on digestion, soothes irritated nerves and promotes better concentration.

Long green leaves are used to make tea. Sweet onions are excellent for salad. But it can also be cooked or baked.