A common vinegar, but an extraordinary helper

Vinegar is the most famous flavor of food. But also a preservative, thanks to which we can store certain foods by adding them to vinegar.

Probably the most commonly used is the classic vinegar spirit, but others are known to make our food feel good.

The most commonly used varieties of vinegar

Yeast vinegar
It is obtained by the acetic fermentation of distilled alcohol produced from rye, potatoes or sugar beet. Its most common use is to flavor meals or conserve food. Household can help remove water or smells and smudges.

This is obtained from different types of wine, therefore it can be white, red, pink or sherry. Ideal for salads, sauces or marinades. He can fight migraine and headache, can fight fungus, especially effective in foot mycoses (3 times a day we crush the feet with undiluted vinegar, leave to dry, apply this for 20 days). Be careful not to use cracks on your feet.

Apple vinegar
It is prepared by fermenting apple juice. It is suitable for reducing diets, helps against sore throat, rheumatism, stomach problems, encourages intestinal activity. Its taste is excellent for fish, sauces and fruit salads.
We can also use it as an inexpensive and biological cleanser.

Balsamic vinegar
It is made from grape must, it has a brown color, it ages for several years in barrels, the older it is, the better it is.
It has healing and regenerative effects, stimulates appetite, calms, treats colds, prevents insomnia. It is suitable as a tasting agent for salads, dressings, sauces and marinades.

Home herbaceous vinegars

Lovers of fresh vegetables will appreciate their unique and unmatched taste with ordinary vinegar

What vinegar to use?

It is suitable for wine, for its pleasant flavor and smell, but the best is probably apple, for its taste properties and highly beneficial effect on our health.
Herbs and spices suitable for the preparation of herbal vinegar

The most popular are basil, thyme, estragon, garlic. But you can also use dill, chives, oregano, celery and parsley, lettuce, onion, marjoram, rosemary, caraway, new spice, bay leaf, pepper, horseradish, chili peppers, cloves or mustard seed. You can add a special flavor by adding orange or lemon peel.

Add the selected ingredients to vinegar and leave it for about 14 days to a month, the ideal environment is dark and cool. After the specified time, the mixture is poured over the canvas into a glass container and sealed. We keep it in the cold and dark.