Painting with colored sand loves children

Thinking about what other activity to entertain children? Outside the excursions around, you can have fun at home. And that it’s raining in the summer, especially at tropical temperatures! Children are bored and ask for attention. Color sand paint is employed for the whole afternoon.

It is designed especially for small children who still crayons. This technique mainly uses the hands.

What to prepare:

white fine sand intended for chinchillas (harvested in zverimex)
tempera, acrylic or food colors
tea strainer
various containers, baking sheet and other household items

Sand dyeing is quite demanding. If you want to paint a big sand bull you have to be physically fit. Better will stain only a small amount. One tube of tempera with water stains about 0.5 kg of sand. The color is necessary to get into all grains of sand by thoroughly inverting individual layers. You can put on plastic gloves to paint, no dirty hands.

The less colors you give, the more intense the color of sand will be, and vice versa. With water carefully, the sand then dries for a long time. However, on a sheet of steel at 160 ° C it is quite fast. Sand is good to pull out of the oven a little before it’s completely dry. Put it in the air, otherwise it tends to harden. In the next phase, dab the stained sand through the tea strainer. Close in prepared containers and pull out when you do not have what to do at home!

Time to play

Let the child test the sand by putting his hands in his hand and getting to know him. Drawing with colored sand on the lower surface is probably the easiest. The child can draw with his hands, brush and wood. Additionally, when you make paper from the paper, the sand gets another dimension. This time it is possible to form different geometric formations from squares to triangles. Children put sand on a paper or mat.

Fine motoring exercises using a sticky surface

This will be great for double-sided adhesive tape or glue. Remove the shapes from the adhesive tape from your imagination. Children are brightened when sand or adhesive sticks to the adhesive tape. Another idea is to draw a picture that is stained with sand. Larger children will be able to help with the use of adults, for example, by spraying mandalos.