How do you know which cosmetic preparations do not contain chemicals?

Most of us begin to check what foods they consume and what drinks they drink, but what about cosmetics also control their composition?

Natural cosmetic products

Since many of us have sensitive skin, the number of people with different types of allergies, eczema and other skin problems is increasing, it is necessary to take care of what products we use, not only those for care of our body but also ours household.

At present, the use of natural cosmetics is becoming increasingly widespread.

How do we know natural cosmetics?

They contain substances of plant origin only. Where substances of animal origin are used for production, they must be only those substances which are obtained in an authorized manner. The basis is natural oils, fats, waxes and plant extracts, and the supplement can form other substances, including milk, honey, salt and mineral salts.

Preservatives are only used if they are of natural origin – lemon juice, natural vitamin E or various kinds of vegetable oils.

Emulsifiers, dyes and fragrances are also of plant origin only.

Vegan cosmetics

You can recognize this type of cosmetics by having a green sunflower logo on the packaging that designates products of plant origin only and not tested on animals.

Cosmetics RAW

For this type of cosmetics, the same principle applies to Vegan cosmetics. However, the ingredients contained in it are 100% natural and the manufacturing processes are at a temperature that does not exceed 42 ° C. Thanks to this fact, it is guaranteed that the products will retain all the medicinal ingredients that each component offers.

RAW Cosmetics delivers the necessary vitamins and minerals to the skin, all in natural form. If these substances are in the natural state, they have the best effects on the skin.