Muesli not only for breakfast

Under the term müsli, most of us will introduce a classic blend of oatmeal, raisins, nuts and dried fruit. However, everyone can create a variation that suits their needs.

There are also several uses. Somebody pours it into yoghurt, another pours milk. If you are among those who do not tolerate lactose, you can use plant milk or lactose that is lower in lactose. From abroad, the trend of watering oatmeal with orange juice also slowly comes to us.

What kind of muesli can you prepare?

The basis of each species consists of uncooked oatmeal and various kinds of fruit. It can be fresh, dried or candied.

Muesli for diet

This blend is made up of a higher fruit content and is ideal for anyone who wants to keep a slim line. When preparing, avoid unnecessary sweetening or use natural sweeteners. You can mix beans and fungi (unsweetened), fiber or goji seeds into the mix.

Muesli for training

If you are a frequent visitor to the gym, you will certainly enjoy the right amount of energy in the form of proteins and proper sugars. Here you will be supplied with muesli with a higher content of dried fruit such as bananas or apricots, with the addition of cannabis protein or coffee beans in bitter chocolate.

Muesli for heart health support

To enhance the activity of your heart, mix cranberry and other berries. Thanks to this, you will give the body the necessary dose of vitamins and iron. You can also try blending chia seeds, malted barley grain or ground linseed.

Muesli for chocolate lovers

If you can not forgive chocolate that does not have much to do with a healthy diet, mix into a mixture of coconut cubes in bitter chocolate or chocolate matcha nuts.