Drying the laundry in the dryer

Do you live in a panel house and fight with a place? Are you constantly solving the problem with wet laundry? This problem will help solve the laundry dryer.
Save time and space, you do not have to wait until the sun rises so you can hang clothes on the balcony or terrace. You do not have to pull out a rusty drier that will interfere anyway. Turn the dryer on and after a while the laundry is dry.

Where to place such a large appliance? That’s a simple answer to the washing machine. Thanks to special mounting kits, a few minutes after the problem, the dryer with the washing machine creates a perfect set.


Dryer is especially suitable for those who have a small apartment, can not dry clothes outdoors or have health problems that do not allow them to hang linen on the cord. A great advantage can be also for allergy sufferers. By drying outdoors, problematic pollen and other allergens get into the laundry. The dryer also “grasps” the dust that otherwise occurs during ironing. If you dry the laundry in this way, there is no need to use fabric softener when washing. This reduces the chemical burden not only on your organism but also on the environment. It will also be appreciated by moms with young children. They can make the laundry really dirty incredibly fast, the dryer will help reduce the time and workload of your mom. Also, you may not have such a large supply of clean linen, because drying is not weather dependent. Laundry in a tumble dryer is not so much different from drying outdoors.


Not every laundry is suitable for the dryer. It needs to be sorted by material and data on the textile label. If you mix different materials, the dryer is working inefficiently. Another disadvantage is the squeeze of laundry. Manufacturers are trying to solve this deficiency by slow-cooling or reversing the drum.

Programs and features

The offer varies by brand and type. However, each dryer should have an optional level of drying – damp linen is easier to iron, dry can be cleaned in the cabinet. Thanks to the easy ironing function, the laundry is protected from cracking and is well-ventilated. The ironing function straightens the folds on the laundry. The drying rate depends on the moisture, amount and type of laundry, and especially the size of the drum.

According to the manual, you do not usually learn how to dry the laundry in the dryer, it is a matter of experience.