Support your immune system not only with natural means

The basis for a healthy weather is a functioning immune system that prevents bacteria and viruses from attacking our body, and when they get there, they can play with them. A prerequisite for its support is regular intake of vitamins, sports activities and minimal stress.

Helpers from nature

Our grandmothers already knew that nature was a powerful witch and used a variety of natural resources to strengthen immunity.

Once the first signs of the disease begin to appear, you need to increase the flow of fluids that help clean our body. Ideal for tea. Ginger tea is great, it contains not only the necessary vitamins but also minerals.

Vitamin C
Choose foods high in vitamin C. These include citrus, arrows or kiwi.

Natural antibiotics
These include, in particular, garlic, in addition to aliin, it contains a whole range of vitamins.

On the airways
If you need to relax the airways, prepare your horseradish honey:

1 tablespoon of grated horseradish
1 tablespoon of liquid honey
Mix the ingredients together and take the teaspoon for 7 days.

Sour cabbage is a great source of natural vitamin C.

Relaxation and rest

Also, relaxation and rest are important factors in boosting immunity.

Essential oils work both physically and mentally. They are ideal for the elimination of stress and depression, they also help with insomnia or headache. They have anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects.

Good mood
The basis of immunity is a good mood. Not in vain is said that with smiles everything goes better.

Relax without electronics
When relaxing, eliminate any excess jammers, among which electronics, without a doubt, belong.

Warm up
Not only hot drinks will make your body warm. Legs and hands are less blood-thinned than other parts of the body, so also easier to cool. The result of the cold is the disease or weakened immune system. If you are resting at home, put on warm and comfortable socks that will overwhelm your tired legs.