How to get back to form after childbirth?

Many women want to enter their original clothes after delivery. But when is it appropriate to start with some diet reduction and regular exercise? You do not want to hurt yourself, and especially your baby, logically.

Kilograms extra

You leave the maternity hospital and just a handful of mothers so-called “kills extra pounds in the hospital”. And the figure often afflicts women aftedelivery. You want to get back your original character, you want to feel good, be healthy, move the way you need it. And that’s not always with extra kilograms. How to get rid of excess pounds?

Do not overdo it

Some mothers strictly follow the diets immediately after birth, they are going to exercise in the puerperium to get their original weight as fast as possible. When it does not go as it should, they begin to stress and it does not benefit either them or a baby. The opposite is true of the ones they enjoy. Chocolate, fried foods. You have the appetite for a nap, so give it to you calmly. It damages not only your character but also your baby. Watch your diet, but with reason.

A lot of fluids

The basis is fluid, ideally water. Water is enough from the tap. Avoid carbonated lemonades that are sweet, calorie and if you are breast-feeding, they are not absolutely suitable for your baby.

Regular diet

Yes, every diet is shaking, everyone knows it, but they do not respect it very much. Regularity is really the cornerstone of weight loss. Eat smaller portions, but every three hours. Of course, watch what you consume. Avoid sweet and heavy meals, rather choose fruits or vegetables.

Do not go after the kids

The habit of many mothers. They “dispose” everything their children leave on their plates. In addition to your usual serving, you can still eat a few teaspoons of snacks, supper from dinner and the like. Then there is no wonder that your dream weight and character avoids you.