What does a successful woman wear in her handbag?

For a lot of women, the handbag is something like an extended right hand. They find everything in it. Diary, wallet, handkerchiefs, hair clips, spoon for an afternoon snack, but also small on a bus or switch pin. Successful woman = big handbag. Women have a great deal of stuff in it, and thanks to them they spend all their day, the world is driving them. What should not be missing in such a handbag?

Not just a fashion accessory

The handbag is not just a fashion accessory, but for many women it is a practical helper. There is nothing unusual about the fact that women have breakfast, snacks and even a quick lunch. In addition, he or she carries a notebook or smaller tablet, lots of notes, papers, a diary, and so on. What does a successful woman have in her handbag?

External charger

The phone or even the tablets must be in constant readiness. What if the battery level drops to a minimum during the day, but the day is far from over? It does not matter, the external charger will solve everything. You plug it in anywhere and then just charge.

Business card

A successful woman has business cards anywhere, you never know when you need her! Are you at a social party or lunch, does the talk go away and you suddenly find that the person opposite you is looking for exactly the services you offer? You can give her a business card and know who you are, maybe close your cooperation.


And there are a lot of comments on it, not only about meetings, but also about the individual projects you are involved in, about the work you are currently dealing with and you can find everything.

Something to bite

The whole day is full of meetings, each one lasts for a long time, and you do not know exactly whether you have lunch? At the meeting, the extras are unprofessional when they bruise you in the stomach. So always have something to eat in your bag. Lunch does not replace it, but a healthy snack is also counted. It may be a stick, a piece of vegetables, a fruit or a simple sandwich.