Why sleep in the cold room?

Do you also love the warmth you have in the bedroom? Do you know, however, that you are harming it? In addition, quality sleep prevents a range of health problems – it reduces the risk of depression, cognitive impairment, cardiovascular disease or hormonal imbalance.

Sleep in the cold room rejuvenates your skin, supports and speeds up weight loss. In addition, it is a good prevention of diabetes.

The person who sleeps in the overflowing room is more likely to have sleep disturbances. These findings are related to the changing temperature of our body throughout the day. The highest values ​​are reached in the evenings.

Elixir of youth free

We can slow down the aging process even during total inactivity, at night, lying down and still free and we do not have to do anything about it. It is enough to have only the right cooling temperature in the room, which supports the production of “youth hormones”. These include melatonin and growth hormone. Melatonin is formed in complete darkness and the growth hormone in turn needs a cold environment for its production.

Faster weight loss processes

A more cooler environment supports the production of brown fat, which accelerates our metabolism and helps in burning calories.

Unlike white fat, brown fat is desirable because it provides our body with a number of benefits – it protects important organs and promotes energy burning.

During sleep, less energy is burned because the body gets into a dampening. If you sleep in the cold, your body will start to burn more energy because it will want to warm up ..

Prevention of various types of health problems

A lower temperature in the sleeping environment helps regulate the symptoms of diabetes or sleep apnea syndrome.

Prevention of uncontrollable taste

Apart from the fact that cold promotes faster fat burning, it prevents unnatural taste. In the cold environment, the level of cortisol (stress hormone), which promotes appetite, especially for fatty and sweet foods, is decreasing.