Sensual healing

If you listen well to your body, you know when it tells you something is missing. Healing can help you with your senses.

Colors for sight

Individual colors from the color spectrum act on the formation of different hormones, which ensure the balance of our body. Properly chosen colors can help alleviate headaches, promote physical health, affect asthma or arthritis. The influence of colors on our body deals with the healing method called color therapy.

The orange color encourages appetite and is suitable for social rooms.

Yellow color has a positive effect on our memory.

The blue color is suitable for relaxation, creating sleep.

The green color has a soothing effect, helps with stress and generally calms us.

The brown color is suitable for back pain, solidifies teeth and nails.

Ears for the ears

A healing method that focuses on music is called music therapy. Tones can affect heart rhythm, blood pressure and breathing. Music is used to treat anxiety, pain and fear. If you suffer from insomnia, try to listen to the moaning of the sea.

Something for our nose

Will not influence what will smell and what will not smell us. Everyone is pleased with something else. Aromatherapy – Aroma therapy, it affects our mind, it can influence our mood, stimulate us, it also frees us and helps to eliminate some kinds of pain. It is suitable for the treatment of psychological or psychosomatic disorders, as it can induce a feeling of warmth or cold. Essential oils can also be used for massages.

Something to taste

Sometimes our body tells itself what food it needs, but we must take care of the right diet. Avoid canned foods, try to eat simple and more natural, minimally modified food. Then your body will work the way it is.

Touch for touch

Old and proven methods include touch therapy – reiki, shiatsu or reflex massage. We have sleeping headaches, hand is a feeling of security and support.