Destroyed clothes – what are we destroying?

You have your favorite piece of clothing you regularly wear. In a few moments, however, it becomes a vastly scrapped or even destroyed piece and it will force you to put it on the bottom of the cabinet. You are fond of material and a badly stitched piece, but in many cases people can unfortunately destroy themselves.

Own destruction

Unfortunately, this is true. People by how they (not) care for their clothes, feather them or fold, they can get up early. What can damage your clothes and definitely damage and destroy it? See the reasons below. Do you also use any of them? So stop it now!

Forget about impregnation

When you buy shoes, you usually do not think about how to clean them. They are beautiful, new. Salespeople who ask you all the time, and often even annoyingly, if you do not need impregnation, shoes, and so on. The protective spray, however, provides the shoe with help. It protects against scratches and scratches.

Wrong storage of handbags

Also, do you have a ruffled earbag, a skin imitation or other material? Then maybe you put the handbags wrong! Proper storage means they will be loosely laid in space, not at all behind their ear. Ideal are protective bags for handbags that help to keep the material and also protect against dust.

Unwanted bra

Perhaps every woman has her favorite bra that she’s wearing constantly. If you wear it every day and you forget to wash it, then it is a big mistake. We recommend wearing multiple brassieres, which extends the lingerie’s life and, moreover, your breasts will not get accustomed to one shape and cut.

Underwear and washing machine

From time to time you put your underwear in the washing machine, turn on the finest program and do not worry more? Alternatively, you can try different baking sachets and the like. Cotton panties in the washing machine without worry scour, but more expensive pieces, lace linen or bra suits in lukewarm water manually.