How to find a comfortable bra?

You may have already done so. You are at work all day and suddenly you feel vague discomfort. And then you realize it! You raised your hands several times, leaning forward a couple of times, and the bra moved so that you were pushing uncomfortably. But with a perfectly fitting bra this will not happen.

The circuit must be tighter

Maybe you really do not know how to choose such a comfortable bra, which will sit as if you are the last one. Come to see us with us, we’ll take you step by step.

The first thing you have to do is measure the circumference just below your breasts in the exhalation. Once measured, read off 10 centimeters. In order for the bra to sit well and to support the breast properly, it must be a little tight. And it is also worth considering the material’s elasticity. In addition, the bra by wearing and washing is also somewhat withdrawn. So if you measure circumference 80, your new bra should have a 70 cm circumference.

The right bra then sits in place, even if you lift your hands or lean and its circumference sits in the middle of your back and never pulls up. If the circuit moves, it is too loose and the breasts are dropped and have no support.

For bigger breasts, choose bones

The second very important thing when choosing a comfortable bra is baskets and their size. The breasts must not overflow in any way, and in this case it should stay in place when you raise your hands. Smaller cups are cut to their chest, and they get bigger and deform. You measure the size of your cups over the breast without a bra at the widest point. For less firm breasts, measure the widest possible place in the brassiere without bones.

If you hesitate to buy a bras with bones, definitely take it if you have bigger breasts. Bones are well supported and strengthened. They help to shape smaller breasts, but they are not necessary for them. You will recognize the correct size of the basket with bones by not bending the bones, but they are nicely attached. If the bones between your breasts are blocked, you need bigger cups. If you are punctured under the armpits, you need smaller cups.

A matching bra ensures comfort

Now that you have the right circumference and the cups, the bra is sitting like a bras. The straps on her are not to hold her breast weight, but only as a fuse. Therefore, the shoulder straps do not cut or fall off the padded bra.

When you look in the mirror correctly in a properly fitting bra, your breasts are not lower than its lower hem. They have good support and nice shape. Then you have a really comfortable bra in which you can spend many hours without the feeling of discomfort.

If you want to learn more about your laundry or choose a bra, try the brand. You will be surprised by the luxurious look of this garment, which does not mean a high price in this case.