Want to be fit, be in motion even in the winter

The winter period gives us more limited outdoor exercise. If you are not excited by the skiers, there is nothing else but to start running.

Are you still thinking? While it’s about the same as when you decide to stop smoking, you have to do it HNED. You have to go and do not prepare for a long time. Just do not get over it at the beginning, you get tired and it will discourage you from the next run. You may also have some unpleasant injuries. You can start with a quick walk. You do not have to run, at least initially, every day.

Did you know about running …

Even if you run at a moderate pace, you burn 10 calories per minute, that’s actually one table of chocolate.
If you are an average runner, you will take 190 steps per minute.
If you listen to your favorite music while running, you can increase your performance by up to 15%.
Running reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
33 joints, 26 bones and 112 ligaments are involved in motion.

Indulge your motivation

If you run alone, you get a moment alone, with your own thoughts.

Running gives you a sense of victory – you have overcome yourself.

Rewards can also be the lost calories you left behind.

Try to put small targets that you can easily overcome and then gradually increase them.

Determine mileage and a small reward after meeting them. The driving engine can be anything that will lead you to the desired goal.

If you do not want to run yourself, find yourself a partner, because in two it always gets better.

Running helps against depression

During run, as with other exercise activities, serotonin (the hormone of luck) is washed away. In his absence, we have a bad mood. The whole body and mind concentrate on performance, depressed ideas are therefore aside.