Having both bare feet and boots: with Barefoot a dream can become a reality

Walking barefoot knows each one of us from a little bit. Whoever missed a boss or did not just walk in the grass with the morning dew, apparently does not even know how pleasant a novel is called “barefoot” boots or Barefoot. In fact, this is a shoe with such a softer soak that every stone is over it.

That’s the purpose that works just like bare feet. When it comes to humans, the receptors send the signal to the brain. This way of walking improves the coordination and optimum position of the bones, muscles and tendons. It is also a strengthening of the foot vault, which is all today. A lot of parents could help grow up today’s kids somewhat healthier than their feet stick in shoes that do not even fit them 100%. Be careful! It is never too late to begin even in adulthood. Barefoot can alleviate the consequences of unsuitable footwear and other orthopedic deviations over time.

Prevention of flat legs

By enabling Barefoot to naturally strengthen the muscles, the foot vault is not deformed. The leg is not flat and there is no risk of a faulty posture. Children do not have such a coordination problem, on the contrary, they copy the terrain perfectly. It would be best to go barefoot, but we can afford it this summer in the water, when we know the ground is not cold. Let’s try at least to adjust the foot to the light and airy footwear that we do not even feel comfortable with. The branding and execution of shoes is quite enough on the market and wants to find out the best. It is definitely the need to try the shoe, only that is the guarantee that they will fall. Because shoes that support “scuff” the foot are ideal when they are slightly looser (over 1, 2-1.7 cm in length and 0.2 cm on each side to width).

Keep in mind when choosing these simple criteria:

The widest part of the shoe is at the front of the fingers, the shoes are not pressed anywhere, and there is no pressure
The sole is thin, flexible and without heel, leg has no way to slip – maintains its center of gravity and does not reduce the tendons
After the fucking is the tip of the shoe at the foot level (before it happens, it can be slightly bent up – it’s by the shoes being springy)
The smallest possible weight of shoes can be tailored more closely to the style of walking and movement
The harmlessness of the material prevents the development of mold and allergic reactions