You already have your swimsuit?

Wonderful weather lures up swimsuit and you’re going to go to the store to get a new model. But you’re not sure which cut is right for your character. See what needs to be considered. Choose swimsuits by character type
Swimwear is chosen not only for age, but also for character.


This type of character is characterized by a wide chest, almost no waist and bigger tummy. You need to distract from the bigger parts. The swimsuits will be a one-piece choice that will stretch and narrow the figure optically. You can also get a swimsuit with a pull-out effect. Appropriate choices include beach scarves or tunics.


This character is characterized by narrower shoulders and wider hips. Therefore, it is necessary to concentrate primarily on the upper half of the body and attention away from the lower part of the figure. This will help you with two-piece swimsuits that will have an interestingly designed bra, neck-tie or even frills or a distinctive pattern. Panties should be in one color.


This character is more of a boyish appearance or athletic appearance, almost lacking female features. It is therefore necessary to choose appropriate swimwear. Ideal for one-piece swimsuits that have a sophisticated waist. It draws attention. A good choice is also a two-piece swimsuit with a hip bottom piece to tie.


This shape of the figure is almost ideal. The sides and shoulders are as wide and the waist is very narrow. Your choice can be both single piece and two-piece swimwear.