Do you know how to improve your blood circulation naturally?

Good blood circulation is very important for our overall health. Enhancement of blood circulation promotes good blood flow to organs, which at the same time delivers the much needed nutrients and oxygen. Some of the symptoms of poor blood circulation include cold legs and hands, arm or leg armor, or tiredness.

What Affects Blood Circulation?

There are a number of factors that affect poor blood circulation. One of the causes is aging, the arteries lose their elasticity and become narrower. Other factors that may affect blood circulation include overweight, diabetes, smoking, high cholesterol, or lack of physical activity.

How to improve your blood circulation?

There are many ways to support your blood circulation. Look at some of them.


Every physical activity will improve and promote your blood circulation. At least 150 minutes of moderate movement is recommended to improve blood circulation, reduce the risk of heart problems, regulate your body weight, lower your cholesterol, and help you fight stress more.


Massages help reduce muscle tension and thus increase blood flow. They also promote the release of accumulated toxins in the body.

Healthy food

It will not only boost your immunity but also improve your cardiovascular health. A healthy diet should contain a lot of vegetables, especially green, foliar (the nitrates contained in it improve the flow of blood) and fruit, wholemeal bread, proteins and healthy fats found especially in fish, seeds and nuts.

There are also foods that help prevent blockage of the arteries. These include garlic, fatty fish, berry fruit, spinach, green tea or oats.

Enough suitable fluids

One of the negative effects of dehydration is a reduction in blood flow. You will improve your blood circulation with a sufficient supply of water. In addition, you should limit alcohol and caffeine.

Reduce salt intake

Too much salt in the diet affects blood pressure and heart disease. Lower salt content in food has a positive effect on blood vessels and blood flow.

Eat foods that stimulate blood flow

These foods include, for example, ginger, bitter chocolate, garlic or cayenne pepper.