What foods are taboos in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, every future mum is challenging a lot of questions, especially if she is a firstborn. Common questions like birth pain, I’ll handle it, what happens then, how my body is all right, will replace those you will come across throughout the day. Can I buy harder things? Will not it hurt the baby? What about food? What can I eat and what not?

Questions and questions

When you wait for a baby, you will often find that pregnancy is not a disease. You can do practically anything before, with some limitations. However, some restrictions and prohibitions are here. Probably everyone knows that drinking wine or any other alcohol is not recommended. But what about other meals and drinks? Can you drink cola? Do you have some coffee? Or what kind of sushi you love?

There are plenty of myths and superstitions in pregnancy, including food and food. The listeria bacterium for a healthy person is not a problem, it should not cause any serious health complications. However, people with a weakened immune system, or just pregnant women, must be careful about this bacterium. Appears in unspoilt fruit or vegetables, meat or seafood, which are raw or insufficiently heat-treated, mayonnaise, tartar, salads, unpasteurized milk, and the like.

What is good to avoid?

Certainly fish that contain mercury. So avoid the swordfish, the mackerel. It does not mean that you avoid all fish if you treat it well, then it is the source of omega 3 acids, which is definitely a benefit for the baby. Such tuna, salmon, catfish or cod are good.

Sugar needs the body, and it is even more likely during pregnancy. You have different tastes and the like. You’d rather have a sweet lemonade than the one sweetened artificially. It is good at avoiding artificial sweeteners at all.

The question is also coffee. It can affect the baby, you get a hyperactive baby and so on. Hyperactivity is just superstition, however there are studies that confirm low birth weight babies, minimal calcium and iron. However, it means long and frequent drinking of coffee or caffeinated beverages. If you give yourself a coffee with milk once in a while, then you will not spoil anything. Alternatively, you may be interested in the use of decaffeinated coffee.