When is the time for the second child?

For every couple it’s different. Someone wants to have a second child within a maximum of two years from the first one, another does not expect anything, and another feels the other within ten years. But the only ones are not wearing.

Biological clocks

If you are planning to delay the time for a second child, first of all, remember how long you are. Time flies inexorably – if you want to postpone the second birth in five to ten years – do you know for sure that she will still be pregnant? Think about these things …

Self-esteem and finance

Perhaps a nasty word, but let’s say it flat. Many women, but even couples, are getting rid of the first, let alone second pregnancy, from professional interests. On the other hand, just a career is also a driving engine because you have two children as soon as possible so the woman can only devote herself to work.

Let’s not forget the existence problems. Nowadays it is bold to get one child, let alone two. These are all factors that play a role in our society in terms of birth rates. If the state wants women to bring new and new taxpayers to the world, the issue of wages should be properly re-evaluated …


We know that in the past, when there was no contraception, the children were born like a running band. Sometimes the family was already in a different state, and seven children were in the family. This is rarely due to reliable contraception today. On the other hand, especially the socially weaker, they do not acquire contraception, and many children are born here, which at the end are not sufficiently secured. However, with or without contraception, it is not possible to plan a time offspring, but the human body is not the same machine and its time chooses itself.

Rush and stress and desire

We know many life stories, when women wanted so much a baby that they did not know what to do before. How to fuck up and what to do after the affair. Still thinking about getting pregnant and having children. Exactly this is the coffin nail and you will not be able to get pregnant. Also, consider the possible complications of early pregnancy after the first childbirth.


The study calculated that more than fifty percent of women who get pregnant for the second time in the year they were born gave birth to their second baby a week or two before the date. On the other hand, women who give a break between two births for at least a year and a half will only give up forty to two weeks before the deadline.

Additional caesarean section is also affected by the term of the next birth. Think about your body needs regeneration after birth, it’s definitely not healthy to give birth like a running belt. Consider pregnancy diabetes as well. If you had it at the first part of your baby’s labor and you had a lot of weight loss, you risk a second-type diabetes if you get pregnant again. To avoid it, lose weight before the second pregnancy, and at least five pounds.

Finally, the recommended time for second pregnancy is eighteen to twenty-three months after the previous delivery.