Home office – pay attention to the job

For someone a few hours sitting at the computer, for another one day a week. But they are the ones for which it is a daily reality – or WORK FROM HOME.

We do not have much choice in the office where we work. When working from home, we can greatly influence our work space. If you are going to spend many hours a day, keep in mind that you need to pay a lot of attention to home office equipment. Otherwise, it could negatively affect our health.

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No needlessness

A common problem is the lack of space, so we need to use it as efficiently as possible. However, we can also limit the funds for its equipment. Do not try to hurry. The advantage of a home office is that you can arrange everything according to your needs and habits. It is advisable to write what you think is essential for your job. Choose the right furniture in the shop and find out what has proven to be a good one.

Necessary necessity

Table – if you do not have a fixed height, you can choose from positioning tables or have it tailored. Select the depth so that you sit at a sufficient distance from the screen, which is 50 – 60 cm and you have room for the keyboard. Some computer desks allow the keyboard to be placed in a special drawer. The top third of the imaging area should be approximately at eye level to avoid unnecessary cervical spine load.
Chairs – It is important to choose a chair with high-quality ergonomic elements, adjustable height, seat should be deep and wide enough. She should have a back rest and armrests. Do not forget about the load-bearing structure. The disadvantage may be that most office chairs have wheels, which is not very suitable for ordinary household carpets.
Lighting – Ideal is to illuminate the work surface with natural light from the left. Do not use appropriate sun visors – blinds, blinds.