What will help tired eyes

Do you often have irritated eyes? Unpleasantly itching and burning? No wonder, even the healthiest eyes will not survive all of them and in time they will sign up for fatigue and stress. They begin to dry and burn, the white is red and sometimes blurred vision appears. Mostly we can do it for ourselves.
While working, we focus on the task and stop blinking. A tear film evaporates from the eye to protect it from drying out. When we then start to rub our eyes, we’re getting into a big problem.

What the eyes brighten again

Prevention can be started by including more vegetables, eggs, nuts, sea fish, soya or olive oil in the diet. These are foods containing nutrients that affect the quality of vision, they contain a number of positive substances – vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants,
We do not always manage to get enough food from enough food, so we can include appropriate dietary supplements.

The air conditioner records the trouble

With dry eye syndrome, people who spend a lot of hours on a computer a day often struggle. The situation can be greatly aggravated by those who wear contact lenses. Ideal is to support the eyes with artificial tears – appropriate eye drops that give them their own fluid. The eyes will be hydrated and in good shape.

Every twenty minutes, wash your eyes

When you work on your computer, you blink about five times less often than normal. Therefore, it is advisable to wash your eyes thoroughly every 20 minutes.

Exercise will benefit your eyes

Long viewing of your computer screen makes your eyes really tired, so it’s not easy to relax your eyes with a few different exercises during the day

Move your eyes alternately up and down, left and right, repeat the exercise 10x.
Sit down comfortably, put your palms together and rub them on until they get warm, make a shake of your hands and put your eyes closed, so hold for 2 minutes.
Look close and close – look at the tree behind the window and then on the calendar on your desk.

How to protect your eyes from a computer

Set a different background color and font – standard black on white is not bad, but better combinations, try green on white, black to yellow or white to blue.
Work at night to lower the brightness of the monitor – remember that nighttime darkness is all around you, and it is a heavy burden for your eyes when you have to get used to the darkness and bright light alternately.