Herbs that help women

In every stage of life, women are troubled by something else. Whether we are struggling with stress or flushes, we always find solutions in nature.

Green medicines are real allies for women. The body will adjust and return to balance much more gently than medication.

At the age of 50, menopause will be relieved

Fifty is the turn of a woman’s life. It brings many hormonal changes that are a great burden for the body. Unpleasant side effects, such as hot flashes, occur. Fortunately, there are herbs that will do you honor with menopause.

Cress – rejuvenates cells, contains large amounts of nutrients, supplies water to connective tissue, can accelerate cellular metabolism. You will enjoy it best fresh, such as salad.
Clover clover – relieves hot flashes, contains plant hormones that have a similar effect as estrogen. If you suffer from excessive sweating during menopause, drink tea from clover.
Zlatobýl – is a good protection against bladder and urinary tract infections, it also works against exhaustion and reduces swelling, is irreplaceable to kidney inflammation, contributes to their cleansing, thus improving rheumatic difficulties and gout. Collect the upper part of an unnatural nata, preferably before flowering, due to the higher proportion of tannins, do not drink the golden roe regularly.

They have been helping to maintain their strengths since the age of 60

At the age of sixty, we unfortunately have not produced enough estrogen in the body for the amount that would be needed. This is endangered by the heart, blood vessels and bones.

Hops – for deep sleep. This climbing plant has similar effects to estrogen, soothes and helps with falling asleep. Pour out 1 lb. of hops and 500 ml of boiling water before bedtime.
Bitter Wormwood – Boosts blood vessels and lowers cholesterol. Thanks to the routine contained in the worm, it reduces the level of cholesterol and lipids (fats) in the blood, and is ideal for strengthening the cardiovascular system. The leaves are bitter, but are suitable for flavoring stewed meat and potato dishes. They can be used both fresh and dried.
Horsetail – strengthen the bones. Contains high amounts of minerals, especially silicon. Strengthens bones, cartilage, hair and nails. Its regular use will help prevent osteoporosis. For healing purposes, horsetail is used, not forest, it can be toxic.